Mahmood Bashash holds an Electronics Engineering degree. He has worked as a computer programmer in one of leading software companies in Iran for 5 years. His talent and leadership ability made him one of the top managers and team leaders in the company.

Mahmood then set up his own business, dedicated to Web development, Internet marketing and social media, and run the company for 4 years. His young team, and his passion for doing the right thing, cased his company to be ranked among the top 5 companies in Iran in the Web development industry. He managed numerous clients, from small companies through to large enterprises.

After moving to the United Arab Emirates in 2005, Mahmood established his own company there, and continued to work in the same field. His company, ‘eBiz International’, has since built up a consistent reputation for serving clients with the best quality.

Mahmood Bashash is a good speaker, blogger and author, and he has always been his own boss. He believes on his personal abilities and passions, and has always acted as an entrepreneur.

Mahmood has run different seminars, and his performance in front of the public is outstanding. He is a good teacher and a perfect student. He never stops learning.

Mahmood’s personal website,, offers marketing articles, eCourses, and eBooks in the Persian language. It is one of the main sources of original content, and all of his articles have been re-printed in different magazines, newspapers and Websites.

Mahmood is also running an English language blog,, which is focused on providing content and advice to businesses to help them to achieve more visibility in the online world.

His interest in teaching has been the main reason for him wanting to setup an online university, His goal is to provide different courses for prospective students to choose from, and to issue valid certificates from authorised entities to those who graduate.

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