Hey, it’s me again for the last time. Today is Day #29 training lesson and we’re almost done with our 30-Day training.

We’ve spent 30 days talking on social media, headlines, titles, email, opt-in offer, keywords, how to optimize them, building list and how to blog effectively.

For these 2 remaining days of our training, I want to discuss about what can you plug-in to your website for you to establish credibility and have more followers in social media and that is achievable through Newsletters.

Newsletter isn’t just writing an article topic every week, so that you have content to the people.

Newsletter has a lot to do in building your credibility, making sure that you are getting quality content, building a closer relationship with your target audience through newsletter and also directing them to your website with your T.L.C. (Tweeter,Like FB and Comment) campaign.

Newsletter can reach out thousands of people if done the right way.

In doing business online, you need to develop a lasting relationship with your clients.

What is your long range result for clients in a year and where can you plug-in and help people to get from one section to another?

You need to position yourself strategically and uniquely in the market, so that no one can compete with you.

It’s been an enjoyable experience to work with you.

Aim high for your dreams. Remember, I’m just here to support you.