Hi again,

T.L.C. campaign – Tweet, Facebook Like, Comment.

If you have a blog post, ask 3-4 of your friends to agree and do the following:

Tweet the blog

– Go to Facebook and Like it

– Finally, do a relevant Comment

Just imagine the awesome result of this campaign and surely Google will notice you and your:

1. Relevancy score will go UP!

2. Alexa score will go DOWN!

which increases your opportunity with your keyword in organic traffic.

Keep these tips and whenever you tweet or post a comment, be sure that it is relevant to the topic and make the followers feel that there is a real person behind this site and not just a robot.

With T.L.C. campaign, you are exposing your blog post without spending any single penny.

Use this and for sure you can raise your organic ranking in Google. It’s a great thing to do and will not cost you anything at all.

Have fun while learning these new techniques!