Hi again. Today is Day #16 of our online training.

First, I would like to congratulate you have done an excellent job so far in our 30-Day training make more money series.

Today, I want you to concentrate on your frequent offer. If you aren’t building a client based list, you are pretty much putting things out there, looking whether people will buy it or not or perhaps making money that week.

If you are only using social media as your form of marketing or to generate sales, you are only building your business the lowest possible way.

One of the important things for you is this:

– You want to build a client based that follows you in Twitter, Facebook or other social media platforms.

– You want client based list where you can send your newsletters, updates, information like videos.

– You want a regular client that you can offer your products or services.

In order for you to build a client list, you must have the following:

– Your offer. What are you going to offer them, so that people will be drawn to you?

– What can you give away for free? Think of things valuable, so that when you start to sell something with your prospects, more chances they will close that deal because you gave them something free and very useful. Convincing them to make the next purchase is no longer a difficult task to accomplish.

Remember, building a client list isn’t only intended to conduct a sale, but also a way to increase your chances of a better relationship with your clients and getting “Results” in the end.

Build that connection and let it grow. Give your target clients something they will appreciate like ebooks, videos, free reports or valuable articles. Give them something that will help their businesses grow as well.

The main idea of this training is what you can give away for free. But, don’t just give everything for free, just a portion of that offer, so that when you sell something they will be compelled to make that purchase.

Establish a lasting relationship with your clients for this is the only way you could build your client list effectively and with greater “VALUE”.