How Can Facebook Increase Your Sales And List?


Installing a plug-in on my blog has given me tremendous results. For less than a week’s usage of this plug-in, opt-ins soared significantly, sales increased and the number of new friend requests kept flowing on my Facebook.

That’s how powerful this plug-in. It connects to a higher percentage of individuals whom I never thought would exist on my blog. It will only take 15 seconds approximately to install and activate this plug-in. Want to know which plug-in I’m talking about? Well, it’s the “Facebook Like” plug-in. But, take note of this, not all Facebook Like plug-ins are created equal.

As for my plug-in, I’m particularly using the fbLikeButton by Dean Peters. If you want to use this as well, go to the plug-in section of your WordPress dashboard and type fbLikeButton and find this author Dean Peters. Install it and you are ready to get the results you are waiting for. This plug-in is ideal to all serious marketers who want to maximize their marketing efforts and increase their productivity level effectively.

Whenever, I post a new content to my blog, this wonderful feature is fully visible on top of my content. It show the familiar facebook’s thumbs up button and says “Like” and next to it are the numbers of people who “like” this particular content.

If you want to build a closer and lasting connection with your readers, then, use this “little thumbs up button”. Let your readers feel that by hitting that “like” button they made their mark on your post or have done their fair share to become part of that article.

So, if you aren’t using this button, it’s easily accessible if you are a WordPress blog owner. Imagine the effect if someone “likes” your particular page or post, for sure that same person will share it to his/her circle of friends in the community.

That’s how influential and effective this plug-in when used the right way with your set of keywords that you created in your tagline at your WordPress site. Aside from that, once a reader “like” your article, this gives you every opportunity to have that URL be clicked every time online users come across your blog or have been shared by those who “like” that content.

Think about that massive improvement on your blogs and the number of people who will “like” your articles. That’s already a good form of marketing campaign and the many clicks you get from your visitors, the more chances of your site being Google searched through the keywords found on your blogs. This is absolutely a free form of advertisement for an indefinite period of time. What’s more ideal, is that you don’t need to do excessive self-promotion, no hard work. Your blog will do all the talking and convincing that your website is valuable and a good source of relevant contents.

Lastly, I have also discussed tips on your newsletters. My final advice is get things done right away. Go, install the fbLikeButton and get instant results you never imagined could happen. Use it and be ready to soar high on the online community.

Wait wait wait… you dont know how to install a Plug-in for your WordPress website? No worries! I have a tutorial video for you that simply teaches you how to deal with Plug-ins. Access the video here: Plug-ins for WordPress