Hi again, today I want to discuss about the difference between posts and pages. There is a difference if you are using them appropriately.

Now, if you are already in your WordPress. Keep in mind when you create a page, It will not show up on your WordPress blog unless you enable it to show on your Page Menu.

For your information, one of your Pages can be a “30 day trial offer”, what I’m doing. Or it can be pages you want to reserve for your sales pages or it can be something you want to share for limited audience. Pages cannot be found on your blog post. They can be hidden or be used other than blog post.

Remember these:

– Your blog post should always be on the Post not a Page. You want them published and read by everyone. You want a clickable link there or your keywords and tags associated with it to populate the search engines.

– Post is where you put your blog. Post is your content from your newsletter.

–  Post is where people come regularly to get valuable content while Pages are what you use to market a certain product offering great deals, or something you don’t want the general public to see.

– When you activate your pages, they don’t go along on the sidebars of your WordPress blog. They usually populate the top bars of your site where you can see the social media sign and others (The top menu).

Highlight these key pointers:

– Post and pages are unique and different from one another.

– Only on Post you will see the Tags.

– Tags are specific to your whole website.


Use Post and Pages appropriately to enjoy bigger results!

Bye for now, tomorrow I have another surprise treat for you. See you again tomorrow…