Hey, it’s me again, Mahmood and today is Day #8 of our 30-Day training and we’re going to discuss about “Pictures”, how you can make your pictures speak without any words yet done on your part. So, it’s a must to put a picture in your blog (widgets) and bring that message to your audience. Let your pictures speak for you, before you even start writing any word.

I myself go to one of these websites for my pictures. All the pictures that you see on my blog are from:

When choosing a photo, select one that expresses what you want to say. For example, if you are writing about a blog on “weight loss” you need a perfect picture of a guy or woman with a flat belly and good looks. Don’t get a picture of a fat lady showing her bulging tummy. This will not lead to more visitors in your site. Try using top quality and wholesome pictures that will attract more clients to buy your products or avail your services.

If you have a long copy, try to break your pictures in your blog. Why not put a picture in every 2 or 3 paragraphs. Remember, breaking your pictures in your blog will draw attention to your readers and encourage them to finish the whole blog. A blog without images looks dull and boring.

Take note of these tips:

– People don’t just read all the content on your website. They might look at your bold headlines, sub headlines, your bullets (which we’ll cover in another training schedule) and pictures, then, they will see the bottom part of your site or look at the price.

– Make sure all your pictures are top quality. Visit one of the above websites where you can find lots of pictures for minimal fee only. Keep in mind a quality photo can make a big difference to your blog.

– Pictures help readers understand easily the copy. A relevant picture can capture a reader’s interest and impart the right message you wish to relay.

– One more important thing, you need to bring a few images on the side of your website.

How to put images on the side of your website?

Here are some steps that you can follow:

1. Go to the post in your WordPress blog.
2. In the post, go and pull up the image you want.
3. Then, put that picture in your post.
4. Open the source section. In this source section, it will show you how to put that perfect size image “with html” into your post.
5. Then, cut and paste that source.
6. Go to the left section of your WordPress blog where is says widgets.
7. Open up widgets and look for a text widget, then, slide it over to the site.
8. Paste the HTML code into the Text widget content.

Here is a tutorial video revealing every details about using images for your WordPress website: