Hi again, as I’ve promised for our Day #6 comes an article. We’ll discuss the true value of “Headlines” and “Leads’ for the optimization of your websites.

Remember, when you do your headline and leads, be sure to reach out or provide valuable information to the lowest possible prospect, so that you have a wider coverage of your target audience.

It doesn’t mean when you already have 10 of thousands visitors on your website it is good enough already. Your visitors must be engaging and think of them as your potential clients for every product or service you have to offer.

Give them every reason to stay on your web page by providing them quality ideas or solutions that can solve their problems.

The bottom line is don’t let your visitors leave your website without even having the opportunity to show them what you got, your company’s profile and what you can offer them.

Take note of these areas for your website to be truly impressive on the eyes of an online user:

1. Your website must have a clear picture that would represent your company. It can be your own personal photo or your company’s logo.

2. Your “Headlines” must state your purpose or mission.  Your headline is like a personal handshake to welcome any prospect. Make your headlines catchy and impressive.

3. Your website must contain a complete contact detail where your potential clients could contact you easily. Make sure you have email address, url, phone contact and other relevant information related for your availability are all correct.

4. Make your website user-friendly meaning it should be easy to navigate even to a non tech-savvy individual.

5. Your website must have a blog section (Leads). Provide your visitors with blogs that are interesting and informative, so they will be attracted to stay longer on your website. Use your keywords on your blogs because they will help you get indexed easily on Google searches. Keep in mind, no one will look for your blogs, but your set of keywords is what people will search for. So, use these guidelines for your writing.

–  Your copy writing must have humor, so readers will not become bored when they read your content.

–  Your copy writing must be simple and readable for everyone to understand clearly whatever idea or message you wish to impart.

–  Your copy must be entertaining, convincing and contain relevant pictures to capture your reader’s interest.

–  For your copy to be truly captivating you must be a reader and thinker for you to come up with great topics.

6. Concentrate as well on social media platforms to increase your “Leads”. Choose the right people or group to follow. It’s better to have 2,000 genuine followers, rather than have millions if they don’t really belong to your niche. It would be a waste of time, energy and money.

7. Know your client’s particular need or want. Watch out for your competitors. Be persuasive when it comes to your offers. For example, “Buy it now”, “register now, exclusive offer only”, or give a deadline to your offers like “only 50 items remaining, hurry”.


For you to have an impressive website and capture your target  crowd’s interest to stay on your website and later avail your offers, be sure to have a “Big idea” or what you can offer to your potential clients, whether it is a product or service.

The “Big idea” must be huge enough to connect with your visitors and provide the correct image you wish to project with your clients.

Remember, consumers nowadays are smarter and very careful before they give their trust to a particular company, so make effort in making your “Headlines and leads” smart as well.

Always think what you can offer and how that offer can make a difference to someone’s life. Convince them with your “Big ideas” and put them in your headlines and leads. Hope everything is clear on your side. Let your Headlines and Leads work for your benefits.