Hi again, today we are going to discuss the reason why you need to build a blog, why you are blogging, why did you start your blog or what are your motives.

One of the lowest reasons why you build a blog is to earn money.


The biggest key to earn money online:

1. You must have a marketable product that people want and solve their problems. You can’t earn money online if your product is not sell-able.

2. You need to have a blog and it should be centered on them. Don’t blog about yourself, what you do, but rather concentrate on how you can serve your clients with your product or service.

3. Make sure the words you are using are according to what you clients are saying. Use tools like Spyfu.com and Alexa.com or you can look at other sites similar to your niche and check what their existing clients say about that product in particular, how can you serve them better or help them with their particular need. The biggest mistake that you can do in blogging is if you think you are doing all these efforts to make money. This is the hardest thing that you can do with your life.

Your goal is to position yourself in the middle of million websites and you make a big difference or total transformation to someone’s life.

It’s very interesting to have a blog because many can benefit from it as long as you provide them something relevant to their needs or wants, reach for them and at the end your clients will surely come back and love you more.


Put your heart and mind every time you write a blog and you goal should be focus on how to serve them effectively:

1. Be more in tune with your client rather than yourself.

2. Be more interested in your clients rather on buying your products.

3. Be more interested on hearing their thoughts, what they have to say and serve them with a quick response.

4. All these pointers are crucial in doing or building your blog.


Remember, your goal is to serve them with your heart and mind, reach them out and help them with their needs.

I hope you understand all these tips and implement them with your blogging.

Good day!