Hey, it’s me again, Mahmood and today is Day #22 eCourse training.

We’ll continue the topic a list building.

One key factor that you need to remember on your list building is to use the same language that your audiences speak.

Remember these pointers as you talk with your audience, using the same language:

– Visit your local bookstore and look for top magazines, books that are connected with your target niche.

– Pay close attention to their headlines, how the words are used and the way the article is written. Look at the title of all best selling books related to your niche.

– Go to Amazon.com and search for top selling books under your niche, what they are publishing particularly about your chosen group.

– Listen and equip yourself as you talk with your ideal client using the same language.

– Write as many headlines and titles as you can after gathering all the books related under your niche/group. Get some inspiration and apply that to your own writing, whether it is a blog or free offer.

I do hope everything is made simpler on your part.