Hi there, it’s Mahmood and for Day #2 of our 30-Day make more money training, I have created this article focusing on the value of “Time”.

My professional advice to all of you guys is “Now is the right time to make a wise decision”. If you have been procrastinating the whole day, doing senseless online activities, then, I highly suggest you stop playing around, stop fooling around or doing online chats the whole day on your Facebook account.

This is the perfect time to turn your online activity into good use—make money through quality blogs.

For the record, based from my previous email yesterday, I’ve discussed with you the vital role of having a WordPress site, but not the free version if you want to use it for your business or make a profit.

What you need to do in order to start right is get a hosting package like Bluehost.com. Perhaps you might ask “Why so?” Well, once you availed any of these hosts providers their services, you don’t need to worry about the installation of your WordPress. They are experts in this area, so plain and simple, “No worries on your part”.

My tip for the day is about “Your headlines or tag lines must have appropriate keywords that you can use for your business.”

Remember this question on your mind, “What message do you want to relay with your audience?” From there think:

– How to make money with your blog

– How to put more cash in you bank account

– How to earn easy with your blog

WordPress has been a great instrument on my goals in landing first page on the keyword that has lots of searches per day. For your information, I didn’t blog everyday and didn’t use keywords hundred times. What I did is use only this keyword, put it to the title on one highly read blog post. And what’s totally amazing through this effort, we manage to get to the 1st page 5th slot  with this keyword.

So, what do I want to emphasize is know what do you want to impart with your clients and put that in your headline. Be clear and concise.

And lastly, my secret tool ever is WordPress as the #1 tool for this motive.