Hi again. This is our Day #12 of our 30-Day training.

Let’s get in on.

In any business, we need to have a clear idea—our mission. We may ask ourselves what we want to accomplish in the end or what is our passion? For one to succeed in any business plan, he/she must have a “vision”.

I want to share with you 2 types of people that you may encounter in any online business.

First group – the people who are just copying the work or contents of others. These types of individuals have no solid track of records. They offer trash ideas or contents and even charge you $49 to $200 without getting any valuable things in return. Beware of these types of people via internet.

Second group – the people who are trustworthy and their mission is centered in helping others to make money online. These individuals have good track of records.

If you want to succeed in any line of business, you must follow your passion and not the passion of others. You need to work hard in order to realize your dreams and tap the right connections, people or mentors who can guide you in making those dreams into reality and that is to earn million in an online business.

Don’t forget as well to set aside quality time in marketing your business, whether online or offsite. Determine which marketing strategy will work alongside your goals and focus on that strategy for your business to grow more and lead to greater profits in the end.

Today, I’ll discuss 3 vital tools that you need to concentrate for your online business:

WordPress – is the perfect tool of opportunity in any online business. It works like a magic in your business and acts as the driver seat because it leads you to the right direction. So, it’s best to set-up your WordPress with your plug-ins and content, so that your WordPress will project an impressive image and attract more visitors to visit you and lead to sales. Again, WordPress is the #1 tool to help you become successful.

Auto-responder – is also vital for an online business to grow. Imagine doing the job even while you are still sleeping or spending a holiday break with family and your auto-responder will do everything on your behalf. You need to create a well-written message to respond with your clients. Your message should be brilliant for you to land a ranking position in Google. Your auto-responder message must be truly persuasive or convincing to draw a direct action on the part of the reader.

Email Marketing/Writing – is among the strongest online marketing tools to promote your business. Remember, give an interval when sending an email message to your clients and choose the right time for your email campaign to become more effective. Create a compelling and readable email message, so that clients will be more interested in reading the whole content and providing a positive response.


Lastly, for you to rank in Google, you need to have these 3 tools with the right keywords and tags, plus proper positioning.

You are on your way of achieving the desired positive result. Good luck…