6 Effective Guidelines: How To Create A Catchy URL And Domain Name

Creating a website for your business isn’t an easy task to accomplish, especially if you want to perform well online. But, before you get to the final layout of your website, amongst your top priorities is:

-How to choose a URL and Domain name that will attract people to visit your website and make your site be included always to Google’s top ranking websites when searched.

For you to achieve this goal, let me share with you these 6 effective guidelines that could help you come up with the most unique and applicable domain name for your website:

  1. 1.      Choose a name that represents you, your mission or the product/service you wish to offer your target consumers

Think of words or phrases that when put together and someone reads it that it is easily remembered. Some website owners even use their personal names as part of their domain names. It’s really up to your choices, but you have to consider a name that will ring a bell every time it is spoken or someone will associate that specific term instantly with your business.


  1. 2.      Choose a URL that is easy to spell

Your name should be easy to spell and make sure it is correctly spelled to avoid confusion among your online users. Avoid using “Double Vowel” because it can be tricky sometimes on the part of the person who conducts online searches. People often misspelled words, either adding an extra “s” or eliminating this letter accidentally. Don’t use hyphens (-) between two words for your domain name. Most well-known websites don’t apply hyphens on their domain names.


  1. 3.      Use words that are commonly used on our daily conversation

Another factor to consider when choosing a name for your business’ website is the use of words that are commonly applied on our daily conversation. Avoid using unusual terms or phrases such as “fortitude’. Rule is to make your name as pleasant as when spoken without difficulty when pronouncing the word or phrase itself.


  1. 4.      Don’t copy other website’s names

The most important factor if you want to avoid facing legal proceedings on copyright or trademark issues is originality. Don’t copy someone’s website name even how famous it has turned out via internet. Always check if your chosen name is not yet registered under somebody else business. The best thing is conduct your own verification with the directory listing and if you found out that your potential domain name is still available for your ownership, then, go ahead and have it registered under your company’s website name.


  1. 5.      Avoid using .org or.net

Don’t use .org or .net for your domain name because these extensions are often associated to the internet industry or non-profit organizations. The extension .com is the most advisable to include on your domain name.


  1. 6.      Make it short

Sometimes, the success of a website’s domain name relies entirely on how long or short the words that make up the name itself. That’s why popular websites often use one word for their names for quick online searches and better traffic in the end.

Making the right choices for your domain name is a crucial decision to make, but if you are properly guided with the rules and have a clear idea on which category your business belongs, the marketing message or keyword you wish to associate your domain name, then, finalizing your domain name and url could be closer.

Think twice or more because once you have your domain name registered it is already difficult to change it again. Stay focus all the time.